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Grow. Succeed.

In today’s dynamic world, we must constantly be in pursuit of new knowledge and skills in order to ensure our success.  Rebecca at ReThought is a top trainer that provides just that. She employs her extensive professional expertise to teach winning strategies that put students on the fast track to proficiency.

Rebecca has more than 25 years of professional experience engaging technical teams, managing projects, and advising leaders on quality, process improvement, change management, and team engagement.

Training Professional

Rebecca has obtained numerous certifications setting her apart from your "average" trainer.  In her classes, you will find a blend of theory and practice delivered in an engaging way.  She gets her students involved in learning with hands-on practice.  Using her expertise as a facilitator, your team will not just learn from Rebecca; they will also learn from each other.

Training topics include:

  • Lean and 5S Deployment

  • Meeting Facilitation Signature Class "Getting to the Decision Point"

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Team Leadership

  • Strong Communities

Professional Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

Rebecca is an engaging speaker specializing in informative and persuasive speeches and workshops that motivate people to think and act.   

Speaking Topics include: 

  • Facing Change Fearlessly 

  • Navigating Change and Transition 

  • Pursuing Organizational Excellence 

  • Inspiring and Equipping Teams for Change 

  • Personal Transformation 

  • Leading Teams

Thought Leader & Writer

Rebecca reads, listens, and writes.  She is in constant learning mode digesting current information with an eye towards the future.  She loves helping her audiences "see" uncommon connections and missing pieces of the puzzle on various topics.

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Meeting Efficiency Cost Calculator

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