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About Rebecca

Rebecca Mott is a Certified Professional Coach who has been helping teams problem-solve and do their best thinking by using a unique blend of a group decision-making framework, "gamestorming" tools, and the mutual learning mindset model. She has led teams to engage, connect, and collaborate while solving business problems that achieve sustainable outcomes.

After coaching dozens of lean six sigma practitioners through the challenges they faced in obtaining their certifications, Rebecca began to see them facing the same challenges she encountered in helping teams problem solve. Her research led her to various resources that seemed to have the solution. As she embraced these new methods and began to practice them, she witnessed incredible results receiving accolades from many participants and leaders. She went on to design a class to teach the powerful methods that revolutionized her own meetings.


Rebecca has more than 25 years of extensive training and experience leading teams, managing customer relationships, and directing projects in technical environments.

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