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You are uniquely created by God. There is no one else like you. If you understood your Uniqueness, you could truly blossom and be what you were meant to be. Understanding your Unique power and purpose can help you live a WOW life - Well, pOwerful, Whole.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

- Mahatma Gandhi

Create The Life You Want

Are you spinning your wheels? Do you want to make changes in your life, but feel it’s hard to get traction? It’s easy to get discouraged when you’ve been trying everything you know how to do to make changes, stay motivated, and move forward… but nothing seems to work.


When you are not living up to your potential, when your life isn’t matching your dreams, or when you’re not achieving deeply important goals it’s easy to feel like you’re failing. You compare yourself to others. You beat yourself up. You feel dissatisfied and frustrated. Or worst of all — like you’re failing yourself.

Inspired by my own unexpected challenges and experiences, I am devoted to helping you overcome your challenges and let your “Your Unique authenticity be a guide on your journey."

A note from Rebecca...

Inspired by my own unexpected challenges and experiences, I am devoted to helping people overcome “Expectation Hangovers” and answer: “Who Am I, What do I really want, and How do I get it?” I am a credentialed Life Coach with over a decade of experience known for my unique blend of practical advice and intuitive insight. There were many years of my life I doubted whether I would ever be happy and fulfilled. Thanks to my commitment to growth, God as my guide, and many incredible teachers, I live the life of my dreams. And you deserve the same. I would be honored to be a guide on your journey.

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