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What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a practice that helps people through communication and connection.  Life coaches motivate people to be accountable and focused in order to follow-through and achieve their goals.  A great Life Coach empowers you through honesty to achieve sustainable and life-changing results.

Why do people hire Life Coaches?

People hire coaches to help provide the accountability and structure that they need to achieve their goals.  Life coaches provide unwavering support through difficulties, challenges, and setbacks.  They are committed to your success and helping you achieve the life of your dreams.
People also hire life coaches to help them increase their skill in a particular area, like goal-setting, productivity, or supporting healthy habits.  Life coaches help you decide and prioritize the actions that you need to take to reach your goals.

Rebecca's Coaching Expertise

Rebecca is a Certified Professional Coach with expertise and experience in the business arena, church ministry, and navigating life as a career Mom.  She has a special interest in leadership behaviors, work-life balance, productivity, and family relationships.

What to Expect from a Life Coach

A Life Coach is NOT a therapist.  If you have specific mental or emotional issues, seek a qualified health care provider.
A Life Coach will help you:
  • Clearly, articulate your goals and desires
  • Develop strategies to overcome roadblocks
  • Help you identify and eliminate your self-limiting beliefs
  • Hold you accountable to your dreams and the vision you have for your life
  • Help you break through your comfort zones to achieve high levels of success.

Rebecca as Your Life Coach

As your Life Coach, I will challenge you and give you the tools that you need to succeed.
I have a customized approach for helping you walk in the FREEDOM of your own Unique path. You don't have to do your life like everyone else.  You can take your own Unique journey to a W.O.W. life - Well, pOwerful, and Whole.
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