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The Power of Difference

In my post about "Redefining Weird," I talked about getting your freedom and stated that your Unique is a gift to the world. Today, I want to talk about ways to leverage your Unique gifts to live your Ultimate life.

Physics was one of my favorite subjects. I actually took Physics in college to avoid Biology classes (don't judge me!). Let's take a look at the formula for power:


Power = Work/Time


In order for you to use your power of difference, you must understand what is required to get to the power. When you don't understand your power, you become a victim of other people's opinions and your circumstances. Taking back your personal power frees you so that you can walk in your PURPOSE into a more fulfilling life.

All of our lives we are told by our parents, culture, and society to try to "fit in." Any attempts to "stand out" in an unique way is often met with disparaging comments and stern warnings. If we had the freedom to decide early on to be "different" and chose that path, we often find it difficult making friends and connecting with others who just want to follow the crowd and submit to the status quo.

Going against the status quo takes WORK. Pushing against known conventions requires you to stand up to existing forms of protocol and present something that is different. In a room full of people, you become "the odd one out."

I can tell you from personal experience that this is an uncomfortable place to be. Dorie Clark in her ground-breaking book Stand Out points out that "...'safe' jobs, predicated on staying quiet and doing what's expected of you, are fast disappearing." Yes, while you were busy with your head down and working away at "flying under the radar," a revolution was happening.

Even your largest corporations are struggling to find ways to stay alive in "the new economy." And the "same old, same old" thinking doesn't help them find the innovative and creative solutions that they need to face today's changing business landscape.

Beyond work, the world is changing in ways that no one can predict. Financial systems are unpredictable. Real estate markets are volatile. Consumer demands are constantly shifting. And even governments are being upended by the "unconventional."

It is time for you to enter this ocean of change and use your UNIQUE to "power through" your life and career and make a difference! It is TIME!

So here are three ways to get you started (WORK). TIME is not on your side. The longer you wait, the less POWERful you become (look at that equation again).

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