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Focus on Your Strengths


Taking control of your thoughts will cause you to gain control of your life.

Dr. Cindy Trimm


There is nothing more powerful to learning how to maximize Your Unique than the habit of focusing on your strengths.

Focusing on your strengths is not about "thinking positive."

Focusing on your strengths is about taking a realistic assessment of what you are good at and what you are NOT good at.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your strengths will help you to capitalize on who you ARE and stop wasting time trying to be something you are NOT. This is the pathway to Loving Your Unique.

Where have you alway excelled? What things come to you naturally? This is where you start.

And don't think in terms of school topics like "math" or "reading." Think in terms of life skills and situations. This can encompass everything from social skills to creative skills. Consider the full range of your personality.

Is it easy for you to attract friends? Do ideas come to you easily? Does talking to people seem effortless to you? Do you solve problems with ease?

These are just a few trigger questions that can help you pinpoint the areas where you are strong.

For years, I focused on "improving" myself. Unfortunately, I was constantly searching for feedback on my weak areas. And people were happy to help point out those weaknesses.

One day, I decided to put that on PAUSE. It came after attending a seminar with Marcus Buckingham about 15 years ago. Marcus blew me away with a concept that I had never considered. His message was "go find your strengths and use them."

This changed my whole world. Up until then I had a self-limiting belief that "success" depended upon me eliminating all of my weaknesses. I had to find what I was doing "wrong" and fix it.

Grasping this thought - that I could use my strengths BETTER - rocked my world. It was not about "fixing" me. It was about succeeding based on what I was already good at. Wow.

Once I discovered my strengths, I began to use those strengths to help me improve my focus (see yesterday's post about the power of focus). This changed how I approached my life and career. I suddenly saw my VALUE.

Today, I want to challenge you to think about your strengths. The Unique combination of YOUR strengths, your experiences, and your personality is Your Unique. And understanding Your Unique will help you figure out how to Live Your Unique to create the Ultimate Life.

If you want to discover your strengths, get a copy of the book Stand Out by clicking the image below. This book will give you an assessment on Your Unique combination of strengths.

Don't waste another minute focusing on your "weak" areas. Find your strengths and discover Your Unique.

As always, I am cheering for you!

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