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Adopt a Success Mindset

Living Your Unique will require you to adopt a success mindset.

Here are some notes that I captured from a recent webinar on the success mindset.

Although there are only four branches coming from the central cloud, the fifth mental model is buried in one of the major branches.

Let's go through them.

Do what you hate. Success doesn't come from doing ONLY the things that you love. You must also learn to do the things that you hate. For example, if you are an entrepreneur you probably love the creative process. Administrative duties, not so much (no paperwork!). Stop talking yourself out of doing it and just do it!

Do what you hate FIRST. Don't put off to tomorrow what can be done RIGHT NOW. This is all about having a propensity to act - even on things that you hate doing. Putting those things FIRST on your list will motivate you to accomplish more of what you ENJOY doing.

Take action every day. Working on your dreams requires consistent action. You have to work on your goals EVERYDAY. The only failure here is the failure to take action. Put your dream on your daily To Do list!

Have faith. Faith is believing that what you are working on WILL be successful. It is having confidence that your current situation will not stop you from reaching your goal. Unshakeable faith and an indomitable spirit will prevail!

Be so good that they CAN'T ignore you. This is all about honing your craft. Whatever your venture, never stop investing in yourself. An investment in You, Inc. will always pay dividends. Be consistent in practicing your craft and seeking to make it BETTER.

That's it. Adapting these five simple mental models will help you get closer and closer to achieving your dream and Living Your Unique.

Add to this a dose of commitment and a dash of determination and I will surely see you AT THE TOP.

I am cheering for you!

P.S. If you enjoyed the content here, I encourage you to click over to Mind Valley here. I am NOT getting paid to endorse them. I just believe in their content and use it to help me practice living my Unique.

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