• Rebecca Mott

7 Steps to Solving Every Problem

Problems are a fact of life.

The question is not "will I have a problem?" The question is "WHEN will I have a problem?"

From the time we are children, we encounter all kinds of problems. When we are babies, we don't know how to use the toilet. At first, this is not a problem. But fast forward a few years and it becomes a HUGE problem. Our parents or caregivers helped us solve it. They potty-trained us. Problem solved!

As we grow and mature, new expectations are set. And failing to learn new things can keep us from growing and maturing. We can clearly see this on an academic level. No one would question the fact that children should learn and grow academically.

The lesson that we miss is this: This principle does not apply ONLY to academics. It applies EVERYWHERE in your life. Spiritual. Mental. Physical. Emotional.